Power Factor Correction

Power factor is an important consideration to ensure the efficient and effective use of electricity and also in meeting the Network Service Provider (NSP) requirements.
When undertaking construction, refurbishments and when you are looking at cost saving options, the building power factor must be considered and where it will not naturally meet the requirements of this policy,

Firstly what is P.F.C ?
Power factor is a little-understood electrical phenomenon in which the electrical voltage and current waveforms, instead being “in phase” (or together) as shown on the center of the graph, start to separate severely, i.e. they go “out of phase” (or move apart). This out-of-phase situation is generally called LOW power factor, which is a circumstance that entails an electrical billing cost penalty for most large commercial sites because it proportionally increases the DEMAND (e.g. kVA) component of the electricity bill.

PFC boosts your profits by
Lowering electricity bills or kVAR penalty charges. 
Increasing main cable capacity, due to reduction in load and extra loads can be added to existing transformer.
Reducing circuit breaker trip-outs.
Decreasing electrical maintenance bills. 

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