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EPS will use our years of experience in the electrical industry to assist your business in identifying opportunities for cost-effective energy management solutions that improve your businesses efficiency, whilst improving the effectiveness in the use of energy in the workplace without affecting your productivity. Energy audits will not only benefit your workplace financially by cutting your energy cost but will also reduce your businesses carbon footprint by changing your energy usage behaviour.

Eps provides the following services to help achieve this

On site audit inspections.
Provide and Issue a full report of site conditions.
Offer recommendations for reducing energy consumption.
Sit with clients and discuss how their property energy can be reduced.
Provide a pay back and cost savings report
EPS is proud to be associated and a member of NECA (National Electrical & Communication Association) and we have completed the EcoSmart Electricians accreditation which allows EPS’s staff to identify cost saving opportunities for our clients enabling them to reduce their energy usage and assist in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, which contribute to the global warning of our environment.

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